Bloggers Offline

Bloggers Offline
Bloggers Offline

Meet your favorite bloggers in person

Welcome to Bloggers Offline, where we will schedule blogging-related events in several cities every year. These events will have tiered opportunities for you to either host, present, and attend.

This website launched in November 2021. It will take some time to ramp-up enough participation for large-scale events.

In the meantime, we will be hosting smaller events such as meet-and-greets regionally until there is larger participation to support conference-style events.

Social Events & Networking

Meet and network amongst other bloggers just like you. Environment will be rich for social media content and tagging.

Conference Learning

Speakers and live presentations of blogging-related content. Undivided attention and Q&A opportunities.

Relationship Building

Come together to build relationships in-person instead of within the confines of a computer and phone.

Registration Form

Register here to receive invitations to events scheduled in your area.

No personally-identifying information provided here will ever be displayed or sold. This information may be aggregated however, in order to display # potential participants in a specific area. This information will also be used to determine which cities to schedule events, as well as how to contact the potential participants.