Welcome to Bloggers Offline


Welcome to Bloggers Offline!

Bloggers Offline is the premier forum to facilitate bringing bloggers together, from all over the world, and in-person.


I have worked in the Corporate world for the last 20+ years (please don’t do the math to age me).

One of the favorite aspects of my career, was all the travelling to different cities to meet coworkers, customers, and business partners. I was attending conferences and networking events to facilitate all these meetings. And I learned the value of building relationships in-person vs the typical email/phone call relationships that dominate businesses.

I feel like I can leverage my business experience with this, to bring this same value to bloggers worldwide, who are craving more personal relationships beyond their computers.


Please register now, so I can include you in events that get scheduled in your area. The participation levels will be tiered – you can either host/co-host, be a presenter/speaker, or be an attendee.

Also be aware that it will take some time to ramp up this endeavor. We can only schedule events where there will be enough participation in the area to support it. So it will be a slow start at first. Each city will have to meet minimum thresholds of participants before we can schedule an events of certain sizes. The first events will probably be simple meet-and-greets, but the goal of Bloggers Offline is that these events will grow to be considered conference-sized.

But growth is completely dependent on participation, so I encourage you to register to be included.